If Only..
The lifeless compass that marks my way,
the adamant storm that changes it,
The stones I carry as tokens of past,
The road that lure me to walk on it;
I would turn down their gross.
Tear the maps and run into the wild,
For roads only take you places,
Where people have already been.
I would dance with the violent storms
Celebrate the beats of tide and time,
For if I’m lost, It won’t matter,
For there would be no compass to mention it.
And I would escape the taboos they impose,
Set myself tameless and free,
Explore those wild long nights

In cities, countries around the world
Heaven and hell for those who beg,
I would create my own,
No matter what life serves,
I would re-cook the flavors.
Would leave the comforting ground,
That nurtured my feet so long,
And leap for the sky to claim the stars,
Even if I fall, I’d pick my self
And set my back for another fall..
All the puppets would call me crazy,
For I’d cut my strings..
And live a life that doesn’t require vacations !