As he stares at her picture on the wall,
His sorrowful tears begin to fall,
Because his mind begins to recall,
Of all those good times in libraries, theaters, and malls;

And all those every night talks and calls.
Those were such good days that he had,
Back when he used to be so glad,
His friends thought it was just a fad,

But actually he got completely into her mad,
But alas! No sooner, things turned out to be bad.
Unexpected such an exit so stern,
His life had taken completely a U-turn,

Dreaming once of going to Bern,

The tale of the re-spawn of The Heart!

She was the dimple in his cheek,
The constant tingle in his soul,
The voice that made him weak,
Until she left him alone out in the dark cold.

Left in the morning without a warning,
With an open mind, he thought he will move away;
Until he woke up at midnight realizing there was no returning;
And gradually Sleep and Happiness slowly strayed away.

With all the courage he had,
He did make the dreaded call,
She spoke and suddenly he wasn’t sad. …

Once greatness was just limited to our hyperbole imagination and Sci-Fi movies like Matrix and as supercool droids from the Star Wars franchise. No sooner this hyperbole thing become reality came to be known by the word ‘Artificial Intelligence ’ (AI)- and this figment of imagination in fiction writings by famous authors have taken root in our everyday life.

Going by complexities and the excitement in the world of AI, it has become one of the most happening things in the history of the evolution of technology and thus mankind. …

Adulting does hit hard many of us, entering new college, going for that first job. Amidst it some of us are in the rat race, some following passion, some trying to achieve the needed materialistic goals while some still figuring all it out let’s not forgot to embrace out unique journey of our own’s eventually finding it’s meaning and purpose sooner or later.

A short piece on which the life should have foundation on. You find these positives from many people around you xD
P.S. Unrealistic expectations though :P

Life is like an ice-cream — Enjoy before it melts
And Let’s…

If Only..
The lifeless compass that marks my way,
the adamant storm that changes it,
The stones I carry as tokens of past,
The road that lure me to walk on it;
I would turn down their gross.
Tear the maps and run into the wild,
For roads only take you places,
Where people have already been.
I would dance with the violent storms
Celebrate the beats of tide and time,
For if I’m lost, It won’t matter,
For there would be no compass to mention it. …

Roses are #ff0000. Violets are #0000ff.

Yo programmers, developers and other computer geeks out there. This piece is for you!

The geek below in poem is trying to debug out his way to a successful submission (proposal). And believe me, finding the right bug in 1000s of lines of code is one level up than finding a soul mate. 😛

try {
if(age >=0)
printf(“You can continue reading”);
}catch(Exception Corrupted_Mind){
printf(“You have some imagination there dude!”);

With my fingers pale and trembling,
Slowly towards the input keyboard, bending,
I submitted my work pending,
Longing for a happy ending!


Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and we are its actors.
I believe that our lives are a book and our moments simply pages.

I would like to thank all of you for filling these pages with joys
and hope yours next chapter of 2017 will be penned with the most exciting and mysterious journey.

So here is an another verse expressing my thoughts intertwined in the colors of love, change, inspiration, and thankfulness.
Happy New Year and happy reading!

Let me share the recipe of love drug
With plenty of secrets and hugs;
Mixing in with some giggles and…

Saprem Shah

Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits necessary to sustain life but poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for !

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